The Top Five Articles of 2016

Below I count down the five most popular articles of 2016:

  1. Little surprise that 10 Projects that will define China’s Maritime Silk Road is the top article of the year, interest in the development of sea routes to China has leaped this year and this is set to continue into 2017 as more projects take shape across Eurasia.
  2. The second most read article was a surprise – Forging a manufacturing empire, Heibei Iron and Steel is an ambitious Chinese industrial powerhouse with growing international ambitions which we will be hearing more of in the future.
  3. Financing the dream: The Silk Road Fund at number three showed again the massive interest in the Belt and Road and how it will be financed.
  4. Interest in Chinese finance was reflected in China’s big four Banks, expansion abroad, trouble at home, which told the story of how China’s huge banks face a mountain of debt at home while they look abroad to diversify their operations.
  5. Although not a big four Chinese bank the EXIM Bank has played a key role in China’s overseas growth and it is no surprise to see a lot of interest in this quietly powerful institution.

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