Below is a selection of the articles on emerging markets, China and climate I have written or commented on.

Selected Press Articles on China and the World

My Eastern Approaches Column at Frontera News

China’s corporate spy network – Voice of Djibouti

Chinese Renewable Energy and Climate Finance

China: World’s Largest Greenhouse Emitter Suddenly Wants To Become a Climate Hawk – Frontera News.

China’s Rail-volution: How China is Winning the West

Where Now For India’s Solar Revolution – Frontera News

Six Ways Green Technology Will Be A Game Changer for the Belt and Road

Frontier and Emerging Markets

Investing in Nigeria article for Corporate Africa

Investing in Somaliland – Somaliland Sun

LSE Review of Books: Editor’s Picks of 2014 – Review of Bargaining with a Rising India: Lessons from the Mahabharata

Investing in Somalia – Banadir Post

Interviews and Quotes in the Media

Interview with BBC on China, Zambia and labour relations

Interview with Emerging Markets for article on a slowdown in the Chinese economy

Article on China’s relationship with Africa by In the Black – Australian finance magazine

Interviewed for an FT article on Chinese mining companies in Sierra Leone

Interview with Africa Art Magazine discussing leadership and sustainablity

Quoted in article by East West Magazine on Chinese millenials

Interviewed for East West Bank Magazine on OBOR

Article on Chinese steel exports in Raconteur Magazine

Top 20 Emerging Markets Blogs Worth Following

12 Emerging Markets Experts Worth Following

Links to Public Presentations and Talks

Talk at the Blackbridge Cross Borders dinner in Mayfair

Cowries and Rice Podcast on China and African employment

Silk Road Investment Forum

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