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Sustainable Investment in Emerging Markets


Frontier markets are opaque places when it comes to investing, lack of data, poor governance and infrastructure make them daunting places to do business, but in fact there are many excellent opportunities to invest and those that make the effort to seek them out can be well rewarded.

While frontier markets may experience instability many also enjoy faster economic growth than developed markets and often these countries have favourable demographics and low financial penetration which along with low but fast growing urbanisation provides the potential for rapid economic takeoff.

Rising Powers aims to provide guides, stories and ideas on investing in frontier markets, alternative investments such as Chinese wine or Ethiopian eco-tourism as well as business and political intelligence across frontier and pre-frontier markets.

We also provide briefings, interactive simulations and reports on the risks and rewards of doing business in frontier markets, geopolitical flux across emerging markets as well as how China is reshaping the world and how this can help or hinder your organisation.

Past simulations and reports have covered:

  • Navigating the emergence of a state backed Chinese competitor in a frontier market.
  • Exploring the markets of the future, investing in countries as diverse as Somalia, Sri Lanka and Iran.
  • How China’s Belt and Road initiative will provide a ladder for some companies and nations but represent a potential pitfall for others.

Geopolitical risk is a change in a company’s operating environment either within a nation (political risk) or cross border (geopolitical). This can encompass political, security, regulatory, operational or economic risks. While these risks are by definition often difficult to predict, by conducting geopolitical due diligence (or horizon scanning) and by taking part in interactive simulations and exercises firms can prepare and plan for unpredictable outcomes.

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