The Top Five Articles of 2014


2014 has been a fantastic year for Frontier Market Strategy, the site has gone from strength to strength and the range and depth of articles has increased dramatically. Next year should prove to be even more exciting, I have new features planned for the site, I will be giving more talks and seminars, plus I have lots of articles on doing business in frontier markets and China’s go global policy in the pipeline, starting with Nigeria in early January, a country which has enjoyed boom years, but now faces economic uncertainty.

But for now please enjoy the top five (most read) articles of 2014.

1. The Rising Star of Southeast Asia: Investing in Vietnam. There was no surprise this was the most read article of 2015, Vietnam is a country full of promise and I really enjoyed doing a cracking interview and getting to the heart of AFC Vietnam’s investment strategy in the country.

2. Crowdfunding: the Future of Investing in Frontier Markets. Crowdfunding is really set to take off in 2015, so I will look forward to covering this topic again early next year.

3. In the Footsteps of China: The Rising Powers, Trade, Aid and Investment in Africa

There is a growing realisation that other rising powers such as Turkey and India are making inroads into Africa, but I was surprised and delighted to see this article on a fairly niche subject do so well.

4. Industrialisation, Immigration and Free Trade Zones: The Future of the Sino-African Axis. I was pleased this article was well received, I put a lot of thought and time into this most vital of subjects, soon it will be time to revisit and make fresh predictions.

5. Bitcoin and Emerging Markets: The Future of Currency or a False Dawn? The hype around cyber currencies has quietened down in the last few months, but that does not mean they have gone away, expect these innovative ventures to continue growing in stature.

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