The Philippines: Interactive Climate Risk Map

The Philippines is highly exposed to climate risk. Made up of thousands of islands the Pacific nation faces threats to its fish stocks thanks to warming oceans. Rising sea levels threaten to flood its cities and deadly cyclones devastate its infrastructure. Like many other countries it will grapple with more droughts, flooding and falling crop yields.

The Philippines has adopted the 2015 Paris Agreement to reduce carbon emmissions. However it is not clear it will meet its targets given that the government is still committed to increasing coal capactiy by around 20 GW in the next five years.

The country will experience more extreme weather events such as ‘ Typhoon Mangkhut. A category 5 typhoon, Mangkhut crashed through the northern part of the Philippines in September 2018 reaping destruction. It was the most powerful typhoon recorded worldwide in 2018. Overall 250,000 people were affected and 59 killed by landslides

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