Hanoi Flood Map under 4 and 2 C Warming Scenarios

Hanoi Flood Map in 4 and 2 C warming scenarios. Hanoi will soon be largely underwater if urgent action is not taken now.

Flooded beyond recognition within 30 years due to climate change. Climate Central published a new report which paints a bleak picture for Hanoi and other coastal cities. Left unchecked these sea level rises will displace around 20 million people, as well as destroy crops and arable land as well as devastate the nation’s economy.

Rising sea levels will push sea water inland into towns and cities. Climate change will make rainfall patterns more erratic leading to a higher risk of flash floods.

Vietnam is highly exposed to climate risks and must act now to develop resilience. The link shows Vietnam’s exposure to climate risks such as flooding and natural disasters. The map also highlights projects such as planting mangrove forests which help slow coastal erosion and protect the shoreline.

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