High Technology Exports from the BRICS


Clicking on the link takes you to a beautifully made graph showing how the percentage of high technology exports from China, South Africa, Brazil and India have changed over the last 20 years. An indication of a countries ability to move up the manufacturing chain to more “value added” hi-tech goods. Unsurprisingly China demonstrated the biggest rise, although it has fallen slightly in recent years. India has very slowly increased its share of high technology exports , Brazil saw a big rise in the 1990s, followed by a big fall, while South Africa did not move much at all.

China and BRIICS

Regions Oct 2012 - 1-1

Fantastic graphic showing the key economic strengths and weaknesses of the BRIICS at a glance. What stands out for me: should South Africa be in there at all? Does India’s massive and growing population mean it will inevitably take over Brazil and catch up with China, or will the problems of overpopulation prove to be a burden?